Catholic Sisters. Nuns. Women Religious.

Whatever you call them, the women of Catholic religious orders are serving people from all walks of life. With selflessness and unwavering commitment, Catholic sisters improve the lives of millions in remarkable and unexpected ways. Catholic sisters are educating children, tending to the sick, advocating for those living on the margins of society, and more. All while living a life in sisterhood dedicated to God.

Explore why Catholic sisters are beloved, and more relevant than ever.

Sister to All

Learn how sisters are improving lives by teaching, praying and providing for those in need.

Catholic Sisters: Research Reveals Respect

In 2015, Anderson Robbins Research conducted a market research study, Perceptions Toward Catholic Sisters in the United States. The study showed that while sisters are widely respected and highly admired, there’s so much more to learn. Below are some key highlights from the research. For more findings, click here.

At work for everyone
Is it my calling?
Their everyday habits
Out in the world
Viewed with favor
Not so secret lives

Follow Catholic Sisters

The communities of Catholic sisters are vibrant, dedicated, and diverse. Learn more by following sisters on social media and hearing more about their daily lives.

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The Sister To All campaign is made possible by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and by the dedication of Catholic sisters. This campaign is part of our continuing effort to tell their stories and support their vital work.

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